“I have been a strength coach for over a decade, worked with professional athletes and have also owned my own fitness business. I was also a former Olympic hopeful athlete and travelled extensively training with some of the best coaches and athletes in the world.

After the pandemic lockdown last year, I decided I not only wanted to get back in the best shape of my life, but I also wanted to sharpen the sword and expand my own training knowledge. I was looking for a specific coach that could accommodate these goals, and through an extensive search I connected with Yas Parr.

Training with Yas has been one of the best experiences of my athletic career. I was quickly able to shed some unwanted body fat, and increase my strength levels close to when I was a competitive athlete. I have never felt better! Yas is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with and I highly recommend him for anyone’s training and fitness goals!”



“I have been a grappling and bjj competitor since 2013 and the lack of physical strength has always prevented me to achieve optimal performance. Yas helped me to take my game to another level: my technical skills now have a solid strength base to back it up and my performances have never been so outstanding. Furthermore, he constantly follows every step of the training process: he promptly answers to any question/doubt (Despite us living miles away and the time difference), he immediately makes adjustments whenever it’s needed, and he also encourages you during the hardest moments before competitions. Super happy about working with him, looking forward to seeing what else We can achieve together.”

Donnie Ruiz: Ex CFL Player. Strength & Conditioning Coach

“After studying to expand my knowledge as a strength coach, I learned under Yas to achieve my PICP L1 and L2. After learning from him and knowing his area of expertise in strength and conditioning, investing in Yas was my first and only choice.

After years as a professional athlete in the CFL, I have always taken my strength training serious. Since transitioning into the boxing ring and preparing to optimize my abilities, Yas was the natural fit to have me ready!”

Julie Marie Brown: DC, DACNB, FABBIR.

“As a chiropractic neurologist specific exercise and programs are important to myself and my patients. There is a lot that goes into building an appropriate strength training program and I don’t trust just any strength coach. I found Yas Parr when I was looking for a Poliquin trained strength coach for my patients. We have known each other for a few years now and he has been doing a great job with my patients. I very much recommend Yas if you are looking for direction either as and average joe or as an elite level athlete.”

Cesar Valdez: SJJIF 2017 World Championships Gold Medalist (Gi and No Gi)

“It wasn’t till after I started my online training with Yas did I discover what real strength training was. I had worked with other strength coaches and it seemed like I was just doing a lot of work but with no specific direction. Yas was able to identify my structural imbalances and designed programs around building and correcting those weaknesses. It’s motivating to know that everyday I workout makes me stronger and healthier to continue my journey as a BJJ practitioner. The amount of improvement that I feel in my all around strength and athleticism is reflected in my confidence as well, I finally feel like I have all the right tools and direction to achieve my max potential.”


“I first met Yas Parr on my Poliquin PICP L1 course. He immediately came across as approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. His no nonsense approach led me to seek out training with him via his excellent online coaching service. Yas has a skill set that is vast yet he conveys it in a way that is easily understood. Don’t get me wrong if you want the science he’ll give it to you, you can trust me on that. He took me as a very average Powerlifter and within three months had got me on the podium to take 3rd place in the Essex Championships. For my first powerlifting meet this was more than I could of ever asked for. Whether you are a fighter, sports, track or field, someone who wants to get shreaded and stacked Yas has it all. Save your precious time and get the results you want with the best programming available. Many thanks Yas, NM.”

Mondo Woodcock: Pro Muay Thai Fighter and Strength & Conditioning Coach

“I have always been dubious about using online coaching….mainly because I didn’t think it could compare to 1-2-1 training and getting that personal touch that you get from being in person and also from my own experience of working in the fitness industry. That being said Yas totally changed that view of mine. I first started working with Yas for my camp in preparation for my fight in July and knew straight away that I would be continuing to work with him as much as possible. Yas planned out my programmes and gave clear and concise instructions, especially when sending videos back for technique analysis. He was able to correct and have me working the exercise right to get the maximum result out of it. His knowledge and ability to put that forward has changed my outlook on approaching my S&C for my future fight camps and has certainly made me stronger and far more explosive. I look forward to working with Yas hopefully for more of my upcoming fights in the future.”

Liz Q. Parr: Boxer, 4 x US Nationals Gold Medalist

Member of Team USA for 4 years. Silver Medalist at the PanAm Games.

“Before I met Yas, I knew that there was something more I could be doing to be faster and stronger but I didn’t know what it was. It’s hard to trust someone with your career as an athlete because one wrong move and you can be injured and out of an important competition. Yas proved he could be trusted because he produced results. Results that were specific movements I needed to be the best. I was the strongest, fastest, and lightest I had ever been.”


Josh Ford: BJJ 3rd degree Black belt. Strength & Conditioning Coach

Former professional fighter Head Coach for Conquest MMA PICP Level 2 Certified coach

“When I first met Yas Parr I thought I knew a lot about strength and conditioning for combat sports. As a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt, former professional MMA fighter and coach to many professional fighters including UFC level athletes, I had plenty of experience, or so I thought. Yas immediately shared some insights which altered my perspective and thoughts on strength and conditioning. Not only was he knowledgable, but his ability to share that knowledge in a way that was easily understandable was second to none. His book will definitely be a staple in my library and my practices in the gym.”


Cato Rutherford: Owner/Director of Lift Performance Centre (Sydney, Australia)

Strength Coach for many of Australia’s elite athletes.

“Strength across angles, postures and plains of movement, complex energy system demands and the added complexity of weight categories. Training fighters for a long and successful career is challenging even for the most talented strength coaches, and it’s something Yas Parr does incredibly well!”

Gavin Attorre:

Director of SOS Athletic Excellence (Cardiff, UK) Strength Coach to many British athletes including several high level boxers.

“In the area of strength and performance for combat sports, I have had the pleasure to work with and be fortunate enough to be able to get first hand knowledge from Yas to apply with my athletes. His approach to combat sports is first class and I’m in no doubt Yas will leave no stoned unturned when looking to improve his fighters.”

Dan Lydiate: Welsh international rugby player.

Player of the Tournament 2012 Six Nations Championship. Member of 2013 British and Irish Lions tour. Wales Rugby World Cup Squad 2011, 2015.

“I trained with Yas when I was at college. It was apparent from the first day that he knew what he was doing I’d highly recommend him as a Strength & Conditioning Coach to help take any athlete to the next level.”



Mexican international cricketer, semi-professional football player, sponsored surfer and snowboarder

“In an industry fraught with fraud, confused and cluttered, Yas Parr has been a beacon of light for me over the many years I have been performing in my 4 sporting disciplines of cricket, football, surfing and snowboarding. My base being weight training of which Yas has guided and improved my strength, speed, injury recovery and longevity. Always ahead of the curve with common sense and simplicity. Adam Boulton, still going strong at age 47.”


“Yas was employed to deliver a number of sessions of Strength and Conditioning with one of our talented youth sailors. Specifically he was charged with facilitating a Muscle Mass and Weight Gain programme whilst also enhancing strength for one of the British Sailing Team Youth Squad sailors in the Laser Class who was based in the North of England.

Yas delivered a number of sessions to the sailor which ultimately saw the athlete successfully gain strength and muscle mass in order to race competitively on the international stage. In fact the sailor went on to represent Great Britain at the ISAF Youth World Championships, a regatta generally referred to as the Youth Sailing Olympics.”

Nawal Gurung, Performance Enhancement Specialist at FFC

I have benefitted massively from Yas’ knowledge and expertise in developing a S&C program for myself and the under 18 Fulham Foundation FC team. Yas is amazing at connecting the dots between structural balance to strength to everything an athlete could hope for. I would really recommend Yas to anyone serious about getting strong and in shape


Vidhi Ronvelia – In preparation for the Miss California USA pageant

“My experience was nothing less than motivational; there were even times when I was training twice a day. The workout program itself and the trainer kept me highly motivated and focused. I rarely felt reluctant to go back the following day! I trained with Yas. He immediately knew my strengths and weaknesses. He wrote a training program customized for me – to help improve areas of my body, which needed more work than other areas. Yas is one of the most exceptional trainers you will find. He is instantly able to identify when a certain exercise isn’t being executed properly with maximum effort. It made the workout session even more challenging.”



“Yas Please let this serve a complement of your role in moving me towards achievement of the results I set for myself. Without your coaching, I would have either not gotten to my goals or injured myself in the process. You are a real Pro!”


50 years old.

Aileen Pham – Yoga Instructor E-RYT 500

“I have worked with many trainers in my life. As a former high school varsity athlete and yoga teacher. I have been working out/training for a majority of my life. With that said, of all the trainers and coaches that have trained me, Yas Parr is one of the best. His attention to detail is tremendous as he was able to provide subtle corrections that made my workouts challenging and safe. I like his ability to motivate without over pushing. He pulls from his own experience to help design a program that works for you and was willing to answer questions and give advice. He knows so much about personal training and you can just tell when you workout with him once.”


Peter S. Kesterson, CRPC. Financial Advisor. Merrill Lynch & Co. Manhattan Beach, CA.

“Yas called me the night before we were to start our program and asked if I was willing to do an intense regimen. I said yes and it was intense, but the results were as well. Yas has the knowledge and drive to help anyone achieve their goals. If you’re serious about results and want help from a real pro, Yas is the one. Sometimes it wasn’t easy to get motivated to show up for my appointment, but seeing the results I was achieving got me there and Yas did the rest. Yes I had to do the work, but Yas’ knowledge and drive helped me more than exceed the results I was looking for.”