“I first met Yas Parr on my Poliquin PICP L1 course. He immediately came across as approachable, friendly and knowledgeable. His no nonsense approach led me to seek out training with him via his excellent online coaching service. Yas has a skill set that is vast yet he conveys it in a way that is easily understood. Don’t get me wrong if you want the science he’ll give it to you, you can trust me on that. He took me as a very average Powerlifter and within three months had got me on the podium to take 3rd place in the Essex Championships. For my first powerlifting meet this was more than I could of ever asked for. Whether you are a fighter, sports, track or field, someone who wants to get shreaded and stacked Yas has it all. Save your precious time and get the results you want with the best programming available. Many thanks Yas, NM.”