About Yas Parr

Yas has been in the health & fitness industry since 1996 and has been a strength & conditioning coach since 2005.

He is from Manchester, England but has been based in the US since 2007.

He has a BSc in Sports Performance (Hons) and many certifications in Strength & Conditioning, fitness and nutrition, including PICP Level 5. Experience includes training trainers, royalty, executives and athletes from child to adult Olympic and professional.

He did his degree at an Academy of Sports Excellence in the UK under the tutelage of Professor Ian Jeffries PhD which enabled him to not only gain academic knowledge but also the experience of working with elite athletes on a day to day basis while learning from world class coaches. 

In 2006 Yas flew to the Olympic Training Centre in Colorado Springs to take USA Weightlifting’s ‘Sport Performance Coach’ certification and this is when he met his future wife multiple times U.S. Women’s Amateur Boxing Champion, Elizabeth Quevedo. He moved to Los Angeles and was married the following year.

He has been training elite athletes and executives ever since.

Yas himself trained with Muay Thai Masters in the late 80’s and early 90’s. His passion is improving athletic performance for athletes in any sport and improving performance for executives in their everyday life. He loves all sports but his main areas of interest are combat sports and football (soccer).

After travelling the world teaching for the Poliquin Group, Yas is now based in Long Beach, CA full time so that he can focus on online Strength & Performance Coaching and he is the author of published book ‘Strength and Conditioning for Combat Sports’. 

Yas’ wife Liz Q. has in 2018 opened Guv’nors Boxing Club in LBC.  https://guvnorsboxingclub.com

Below are two podcasts in which questions are answered on fighter performance training.