Mondo Woodcock: Pro Muay Thai Fighter and Strength & Conditioning Coach

“I have always been dubious about using online coaching….mainly because I didn’t think it could compare to 1-2-1 training and getting that personal touch that you get from being in person and also from my own experience of working in the fitness industry. That being said Yas totally changed that view of mine. I first started working with Yas for my camp in preparation for my fight in July and knew straight away that I would be continuing to work with him as much as possible. Yas planned out my programmes and gave clear and concise instructions, especially when sending videos back for technique analysis. He was able to correct and have me working the exercise right to get the maximum result out of it. His knowledge and ability to put that forward has changed my outlook on approaching my S&C for my future fight camps and has certainly made me stronger and far more explosive. I look forward to working with Yas hopefully for more of my upcoming fights in the future.”